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= To Things to be done =
  * content
    * describe at least 25 equations
    * formalize template of common equation page
    * describe equation categories
    * fascinating FrontPage
  * style
    * --find mephi web logo **with horse**--
  * navigation
    * create useful entry points in //navigation//
  * engine
   * --style **diff** mode--
= Engine related issues =
  * --Random page -> Redirect => Redirect will not work--
  * --Edit mode -> Preview -> Preview shown as printable version--
  * --Lost recent changes colour mark up (//new// in red etc.)--
  * Special prefix for special pages: no indexing by crawlers, no redirects by
<nowiki>#RANDOMPAGE</nowiki>, no entries in
  * Don't show 'edit this page' link in search results
  * Server.MapPath() 
'ASP 0173 : 80004005' in deprecate.asp at line 60 (special characters in a page
  * Add <TableOfContentsRight> macros

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