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= Help on wiki name =
A wiki name is a word that follows the LinkPattern. [Special:LinkPattern link
pattern]. Wiki name are automatically hyperlinked, except when their name is the
same as the current page title.
When a wiki name is shown in red this means the page has not been defined yet. 
Then you have two options:
  * Click on the question mark, and you will be able to submit a definition for 
the page. Click on the Cancel button to get into the view mode of that page.
  * Click on the hyperlinked wiki name, which will get you into the view mode 
of that page. You will then be able to:
    * Click on the pagetitle to see which pages already refer to that wiki name.
    * Click on the "Describe this page" link to submit a definition 
for the page.
    * Choose one of the templates to start editing with.
If you don't want to see a wiki name hyperlinked you have several options:
  * Don't smash the words together, simply put spaces between them.
  * Use the [http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?SixSingleQuotes six single quotes] 
sequences. E.g. {{{Wiki'''''Page}}} will result in Wiki''''''Page.
  * Use a tilde (~) character in front of the name. E.g. {{{~WikiPage}}} will 
result in ~WikiPage.
  * Use the {{{<nowiki}}}{{{>}}} tag. E.g. 
{{{<nowiki}}}{{{>WikiPage</nowiki>}}} will result in 
If you want to hyperlink the singular form of a wiki name that is in the plural 
form you have two options:
  * Use the [http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?SixSingleQuotes six single quotes] 
sequence. E.g. {{{Special:HelpOnWikiPage''''''s}}} will result in 
  * Use the double quote. E.g. {{{Special:HelpOnWikiPage""s}}} will 
result in Special:HelpOnWikiPage""s.
A wiki name can appear in the bracketed form. For example: 
{{{[Special:HelpOnWikiPage my wiki page]}}} would result in 
[Special:HelpOnWikiPage my wiki page] which is hyperlinked to 
== External links ==
  1. http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WikiName

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